What to Look for in an Orthodontist

Most people will benefit from orthodontic treatment of some kind. It is rare for a child’s permanent teeth to come in perfectly straight and in the correct position so that the bite lines up properly. A few adjustments will likely be necessary to achieve optimal orthodontic and dental health. 

With orthodontic treatment almost being a right of passage these days, the question is, which practice is the best fit for you? With so many orthodontic practices to choose from, how do you know where to schedule your first evaluation? Here’s what to look for in an orthodontist. 


One of the best places to start when looking for an orthodontist is the location. Find an orthodontist that is located near home, work, or school. If your child or other family member will be the patient, consider proximity to school for the convenience of appointments and to reduce the amount of time they are gone from school. With 3 convenient locations, Lake Minnetonka Orthodontics is a convenient choice for patients living across the West Metro.

Services They Offer

Once you have a list of orthodontists in your area, review the orthodontic services they offer on their website. If you have an idea of what services you are looking for, make sure you see those services listed. Otherwise, look for an orthodontist that offers a wide variety of services to ensure you or your child are receiving optimal care. Lake Minnetonka Orthodontics treats patients of all ages, and is proud to be a top 1% Invisalign™ Provider. We also employ cutting edge technology to provide top notch, quality care.

Good Reviews

Look up reviews for the orthodontic practices you’re considering. Don’t just read the ones on their website, but the ones available on popular review sites. Reviews can give you a wealth of information and help you get a first-person perspective on the practice. But be sure to take all negative reviews with a grain of salt, meaning they may not be an accurate representation of the practice as a whole. Take the time to read the comments and the reasons why they gave a negative review. Sometimes a particular person’s complaint wouldn’t really be an issue for someone else. 


It is important to make sure that any orthodontist you are considering is qualified to provide orthodontic treatment. At Lake Minnetonka Orthodontics, all of our Orthodontists have completed dental school as well as additional education and training to become licensed in orthodontics. Make sure you find a doctor with the necessary qualifications and licensure to make sure you are receiving professional, quality care. 

A Peaceful Easy Feeling

Schedule a consultation with your top choices for orthodontists and take the time to meet them. Observe the practice and how it makes you feel. Do you get a sense of professionalism? Do the staff put you at ease? How does your child or teen feel about the practice after the first consultation? These are questions to ask after the initial consultation. Most orthodontic practices provide free consultations, so there’s no reason not to visit at least a couple of practices to get a first-hand look at the practice, find out what treatment they recommend, and learn about cost and payment plans. 

Lake Minnetonka Orthodontics Has 3 Convenient Locations

If you’re looking for an orthodontist in your area, Lake Minnetonka Orthodontics has offices in Minnetonka, Excelsior, and Wayzata. All of our orthodontists are highly qualified, licensed, and experienced. We strive to create a relaxing, comfortable environment for our patients and families. 

Contact us today to schedule a consultation at your preferred location.